• You work from home
  • Your cat loves your keyboard
  • Your work is at risk!

You need KeyPaws!

(Seriously, we actually built this – it's not a joke!)

Thanks for visiting — carry on reading for the story of KeyPaws:
Headshot of Ali KeyPaws creator, Ali

Littered with clever features

Artificial Intelligence that won't replace you

But will protect your computer from your cat. KeyPaws has been trained on hours of Ali and Merlin's typing. Based on this "machine learning", every second it makes a prediction about whether a cat or a human is typing.

Private by default

KeyPaws requires no network access. The prediction happens on your computer, so your keystrokes remain completely private.

Launch at startup

KeyPaws will launch at startup so you can set it and forget it.

Early warning system

You can choose for the icon to start flashing if it is starting to detect a cat – useful if it's actually you typing like a cat by accident!

A background purrocess

KeyPaws gets out of your way, even if the cat won't.

Mac desktop showing a KeyPaws icon running as a process in the task bar, with a drop-down menu showing the options 'Settings' and 'Quit KeyPaws'

Light and dark themes

KeyPaws will match your chosen theme.

Two Mac desktops overlaid showing the KeyPaws settings page in both light and dark themes

Nyan Cat is back!

Remember Nyan Cat? KeyPaws comes with a Nyan Cat theme.

Mac desktop showing the KeyPaws settings page with a Nyan Cat theme